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2021 Publications

S. Kamila, P. Mane, R. I. Mohanty, B. Chakraborty*, B. K. Jena*

Supercapacitor Properties of V10O14(OH)2 and Reduced Graphene Oxide Hybrids: Experimental and Theoretical Insights

Electrochimica Acta Volume 2021, 399, 139357.

P. Bhanja, B, Mohanty, S, Chongdar, A. Bhaumik, B. K. Jena*, S. Basu*


Novel Microporous Metal Phosphonates Feasible for Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

ACS Applied Energy Materials 2021, 4, 12827–12835.

S. Ruidas, B. Mohanty, P. Bhanja, Erakulan E. S., R. Thapa, P. Das, A. Chowdhury, S. Mandal*,  B. K. Jena*,  A. Bhaumik*

Metal-Free Triazine based 2D Covalent Organic Framework for Efficient H2 Evolution via Electrochemical Water-Splitting"

ChemSusChem 2021,14, 5057-5064.  

Bishnupad Mohanty, Lopamudra Giri, B. K. Jena*

"MXene-Derived Quantum Dots for Energy Conversion and Storage Applications" 

Energy and Fuels 2021, 35, 18, 14304–14324. 

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